Jasen Chamoun

Jasen Chamoun

Considerations for Food, Nutrients, & Pre-existing Conditions: Before, During & After Treatment

Post-detox care is imperative to the recovery process, and the foods people eat before and after can greatly influence the outcome of their treatment. In our experience, removing gluten and dairy from the diet allows helps people to recover from depression, as well as assisting most opiate users to transition more smoothly after ibogaine administration. People who are detoxing from painkillers further benefit from removing other inflammatory foods such as nightshades.

Additionally, pre-existing conditions that are often not known to the client, such as hyperthyroid, hypothyroid, diabetes, and other sicknesses, can have symptoms similar to those of abstinence syndrome (withdrawal). In addition to the generally recommended safety screening, testing for thyroid function and diabetes can help to better address these underlying concerns.

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