Trip to Xochicalco

Trip to Xochicalco

Date: March 17th, 2016

Times: 1pm (bus leaves) to 6pm (bus returns)

Location: From Tepoztlan to Xochicalco

Meals: None provided

Languages: English and Spanish guides available

Registration: $20


A bus will take a group of up to 44 people from the gasoline station at the edge of Tepoztlan to visit the archaeological site of Xochicalco. Bilingual guides will explain the ruins, which include temples, ullamaliztli (Aztec ball game) courts, and an underground observatory. There is also a museum onsite. The bus will return people to the same location in Tepoztlan later the same afternoon.

From the Wikipedia entry on Xochicalco:

The name Xochicalco may be translated from Nahuatl as “in the house of Flowers”… The apogee of Xochicalco came after the fall of Teotihuacan and it has been speculated that Xochicalco may have played a part in the fall of the Teotihuacan empire. The architecture and iconography of Xochicalco show affinities with Teotihuacan, the Maya area, and the Matlatzinca culture of the Toluca Valley. Today the residents of the nearby village of Cuentepec speak Nahuatl. Read more…

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