Claudio Naranjo

Dr. Claudio Naranjo

Dr. Claudio Naranjo has spent forty years developing the wisdom of the Enneagram and created the Psychology of Enneatypes. As a protege and successor of Fritz Perls, he has become a world leader in Gestalt therapy. Professor at Berkeley, he is considered a pioneer of transpersonal psychology and an integrator of the fields of psychotherapy and spirituality. During his career he has learned from masters such as Swami Muktananda, Idries Shah, Oscar Ichazo, Suleyman Dede, SS Karmapa XVI and Tarthang Tulku.

As a result of this extensive education, he developed the SAT Program, a process of self-exploration through which thousands of people have passed. Claudio Naranjo is a member of the Club of Rome and Doctor Honoris Causa at the University of Udine (Italy), as well as an advisor to the Global Forum for the Future of Education (GEFF). He recently created the Claudio Naranjo Foundation in Barcelona, and has been nominated for a Nobel Peace Prize. Naranjo is a psychiatrist, educator and pioneer in integrating the use of consciousness expanding tools, including ibogaine, into his experimental-therapeutic work. He, along with Dominique Bocher from the Usines Chimiques d’Ivry-la-Bataille, was awarded the earliest patent for the clinical use of ibogaine.

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