Bruno Rasmussen Chaves, M.D

Bruno Rasmussen Chaves, M.D., graduated from the Federal University of Sao Paolo in 1984, and received a specializations in Internal Medicine in 1986, and Clinical Gastroenterology in 1988, from the same university. He is experienced in treating intensive care patients, and has worked with chemical dependency and ibogaine since 1994. Since 2012 he has been a voluntary collaborator with the Program for the Orientation and Assistance for Drug Dependents (PROAD-UNIVESP). In 2014, Dr. Chaves was the co-author for a landmark retrospective study on long-term outcomes from ibogaine treatments conducted in Brazil.

Today, Dr. Chaves works at the Hermelino Agnes de Leao Institute, a chemical dependency treatment facility in Sao Paulo state. He is responsible for ibogaine treatment and inpatient care.

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