Habib Feghali

Habib Paul Feghali

Introduction to Heantos

Heantos is an standardized herbal formula developed in a lab by a chemist in Vietnam, based on the age-old recipes of herbalists in opium villages. It consists of several commonly available herbs with a few rare plants, 13 ingredients in total. This presentation will provide a description of each of the ingredients, as well as their functions from both an Eastern medicinal and a Western medical perspective, in order to provide a better understanding as to how this formula works.

By examining the recipe with a trained eye, it becomes clear that various aspects of the formula can be improved and strengthened to better suit Westerners’ heavier drug use and lower pain tolerance than the Vietnamese. The process of modifying the original Heantos recipe has opened the door for further modulation. Simple modification could make it even stronger, or allow for a “day and night formula.” We will discuss these ideas for solutions to opiate withdrawals, both tested and untested.

Heantos is proving to be an excellent addition to the ibogaine provider’s toolbox. Whether used after flood to help people with insomnia and other post-acute withdrawal symptoms, or in place of boosters, Heantos is a useful ally to ibogaine. Between the legality and safety of Heantos and the increasing scarcity and price of ethically sourced iboga, the potential of Heantos for opiate detox is more important than it has ever been.

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