Mary Ayers

Mary Ayers

Heantos and Ibogaine: Friendly Allies in Detox and Recovery

Heantos gently ends dependency for any opiate within days. This herbal remedy has detoxed over 9,000 opiate users.

This presentation will provide boots-to-the-ground reports from a provider who has been part of the seminal Heantos treatment collective in the USA, who collaboratively revamped and refined the original Vietnamese minimal treatment protocols to suit Westerners detoxing at home. We have also expanded custom protocols for methadone, post-acute withdrawal symptom (PAWS) aftercare, and other promising possibilities, particularly the use of Heantos before, alternating, and after ibogaine treatments. Heantos can be offered remotely, onsite, or for maintenance boosters after a flood. Heantos is also being used with root bark (and without) to taper down opiate use.

Since Heantos is not psychotropic, detoxes can provide embodied, self-responsive practices that are the seeds for empowered aftercare. Learn about the training to become a Heantos provider from one of the few who is actively teaching and mentoring. Tailored protocols currently incorporate supplements and medications, complementary practices, and modalities for aftercare.

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