Giovanni Lattanzi

Giovanni Lattanzi

Kambo Administration for Facilitators

Dates: March 20-24th, 2016

Times: TBD

Location: Jardin de la Abundancia (reserve through facilitators)

Meals: TBD

Languages: English only

Registration: $770-910


During the kambo workshop i will share my experience about:

  • How to connect with the Spirit of the Frog, the base to provide Kambo
  • Combination of Kambo with TCM, Foot and Ear Reflexology: how to apply this method to specific complaints
  • Male and Female Energy of Kambo: when and how to apply them.
  • Precautions and Contraindications with Kambo
  • Matses treatments, an intensive way to provide this shamanic medicine: when and when not to provide it

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