Travel Guide: Getting To and From Tepoztlan

Travel Guide: Getting To and From Tepoztlan


Tepoztlan is located in the state of Morelos, close to Mexico City. The nearest and most convenient airport is Benito Juarez International (MEX).

Travel Tips! At the airport when you arrive…

Change cash right away

You will find the best exchange rates at booths throughout the airport. One you are in Tepoztlan there are limited options for changing money and the rate is up to 1 or 2 pesos lower on the US dollar.


If you’d like to stay connected with your phone and internet while you are here you can either get a cheap out of country plan from your carrier, or you can find a local phone chip at the airport. For Tepoztlan and the conference hotel area we recommend Telcel for best coverage (Terminal 1, Puerta 4). Telcel has a variety of pay as you go options that will allow you to use phone and data. Once you have a chip you can find stores in Tepoztlan that sell Telcel credit.

Secure Wifi

There will be wifi in Tepoztlan and at the conference hotel. But with several hundred visitors we’re not sure how reliable the connection will be. For guests that have important responsibilities for which they need to stay online, you can find a USB wifi stick at the Telcel store (Terminal 1, Puerta 4) that comes with a chip and rechargeable credit. If you already have a USB wifi stick you can get a chip and credit at the same location.

Getting to Tepoztlan

After you arrive at the airport and take care of your business there, there are several ways to get to Tepoztlan.

Conference Shuttle Service

The conference is organizing to have shuttles for speakers and guests traveling from the airport. These shuttles are limited to the following times: March 13: 4pm, 8pm, 11pm. The shuttle costs $300/person. To reserve please call 415-830-3973 with your name, flight number and arrival time. This is available for registered conference guests only. Outside of these times please refer to the options below.

Authorized Taxis

Taxi stands with secure taxis inside the airport will ask you to prepare approximately $2000 pesos for the trip. Savvy travelers who are spending time inside Mexico City may find a slightly cheaper ride.


Note: When you arrive in Tepoztlan by bus you will find local taxis. Fares to Jardin de la Abundancia will be in the range of $60 pesos. There are several options to bus to Tepoztlan from Mexico City.

Airport to Tepoztlan: The most direct bus leaves from the Ado bus terminal that you will find by crossing the highway overpass from the second floor balcony at Puerta 4 in Terminal 1. The final destination for the bus is named Cuatla, but will first make a stop in Tepoztlan. Buses depart at 7am, 9:15am, 2:15pm, 5pm and 9:30pm, and cost about $215 pesos.

Downtown Mexico City to Tepoztlan: For travelers that are first planning to spend some time in downtown Mexico City, you can find a bus to Tepoztlan at the Southern Mexico City Bus Terminal. Take the Blue Metro Line (Linea 2) to it’s southern-most point, Taxquena. Exiting the Metro Station you will find the bus terminal after passing through a small market area. At the far end of the Terminal you will find a small desk for the Pullman de Morelos bus line. Tickets to Tepoztlan cost $120 and buses leave approximately every 45 minutes.

Please note that, depending on the time of day, the Metro can be very crowded. Please keep your personal belonging safe. We recommend placing your wallet or other valuables inside of your luggage during busy traveling hours.

Getting Back to the Airport

By Shuttle

The conference is organizing to have a paid shuttle service that will take people from the Jardin de la Abundancia hotel directly to the airport, leaving at 10am on March 17th. Please make a reservation when you arrive at the conference because there are limited spaces (maximum of 19 per van). The shuttle will cost $250 pesos per person. Outside of this time please use the options below.

By Taxi

To return to the airport from Tepoztlan a local taxi will charge between $1300 to $1500 pesos depending on the number of travelers.

By Bus

Buses from Tepoztlan to the airport will leave from the “gasolineria” at the entrance of town. Here you can buy a ticket to the airport only at the following times: 2:15am, 4am, 7:47am, and 2:47pm.

Alternately, you can take a bus from the same location to the Taxquena bus terminal. From here you will have to take the Mexico City Metro, airport shuttle, or taxi to get to the airport independently.

Please note that, depending on the time of day, the Metro can be very crowded. Please keep your personal belonging safe. We recommend placing your wallet or other valuables inside of your luggage during busy traveling hours.

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