Dr. Umit Sayin

Dr. Ümit Sayin

H. Ümit Sayin, who is particularly specialized on neuro -psycho pharmacology and neuroscience,  received his M.D. degree from İstanbul Medical Faculty in 1987, Pharmacology degree from Cerrahpaşa Medical Faculty in 1993, and did his postdoctoral work on Neuroscience at the Neurology Department, University of Wisconsin, Madison, USA (1994-1996). He has worked on cellular electrophysiology, electrophysiology of learning and LTP, experimental models of epilepsy and kindling, voltage and current clamp techniques, microdialysis and psychopharmacology, experimental psychology, human sexuality at various Universities, such as University of Newfoundland (Canada, 1989-1990), Oxford University (United Kingdom, 1992), Groningen University (Netherlands, 1992), University of Wisconsin (USA, 1994-2002) and İstanbul University (2002-2013). He is an associate professor since 2004 at the Institute of Forensic Sciences, İstanbul University. He has also made nationwide and global surveys and research on female sexuality since 1991 untill 2015, on which he has been currently working for the last five years. His latest research was on expanded sexual response (ESR) and female orgasm during last three years. He is the author of nearly 12 books on female sexuality, as well as 8 other books on various subjects (printed, in press or in preparation). He has published nearly 45 scientific papers, as well as 80 presentations and posters, and has nearly 1200 citations. He has also worked on the psychopharmacology of halucinogenic psychoactive substances and drugs of abuse,  and altered states of consciousness, while he is currently working on a book entitled as “Holographic Brain”. He is one of pioneering researchers who has defined the main characteristics of  ESR phenomenon. He has 12 printed books and 8 books in press or preparation.

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