Svea Nielson

Svea Nielsen

Svea Nielsen is a Swiss psychologist with a master in ethnopsychiatry, a soul revealing mix of religion, anthropology and psychology, from the University of Paris 5. Since 2005, she has been working in psychedelic care services in festivals in Switzerland and abroad as a sitter. Together with other active sitters she initiated an e-book project to gather and share experiences in this field. In early 2015, the Manual of Psychedelic Support was published online as a free e-book with great success. More than 40 authors and artists contributed to it and it will be published by MAPS mid-2016. After many years working as a sitter with people experiencing challenging experiences during altered states of consciousness, she felt the need to expand her field of action onto a more therapeutic use of entheogenic substances. Among them, Iboga has been calling her. Her work as a psychologist and sitter has been to help people finding their connection to the sacred, to the One. Her will is to contribute to establish the protocols for a post-prohibition world.

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