Mary Ayers

Mary Ayers

Mary Ayers is the founder of and author of an introductory book on Heantos. Since Heantos landed in the United States, she has been providing customized protocols and coaching via Skype and phone for home detoxes all over the world.

Mary is a Heantos detox provider trained in harm reduction, behavioral therapies, and evidence-based, complementary modalities. She is a wounded healer raised by raging addiction and steeped in neoshamanistic human potential movements. She has 25 years of experience in peer counseling, transformative practices for recovery, somatic and spiritual practices for PTSD, compassionate communication techniques, and natural remedies. She has worked on local campaigns, outreach and innovative education about HIV, substance use and safer sex for men who sleep with men.

Her special interests lie in lifestyle design, creative grassroots activism, DIY biohacking, states of consciousness and self-actualization (with or without entheogens). She continues exploring Heantos, ibogaine, ayahuasca, and kambo for healing suffering.

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