Lee Albert

Lee Albert

In a relentless search for freedom from childhood problems he spent 2 years in an Irish seminary, underwent intensive Primal Therapy, trained as an Holotropic Breathwork facilitator, explored the thoughts of Krisnamurti and finally in desperation forsook all belief.

On the way he travelled through more than 40 countries and presently is training to be a naturopath and nutritionist at the College of Natural Medicine in Dublin. For a time he worked as an ibogaine provider and currently works in IT.

In the summer of 1998 he decided to explore MDMA as a therapeutic tool. Through MAPS he became aware of issues of legality and was directed instead towards ibogaine of which he had no previous knowledge. In September 1998 he underwent his first experience with iboga in Venice Italy.

It was this experience that enthused him to set up www.myeboga.com as a non-aligned service offering balanced information and after 6 years of intense iboga experience, where he underwent 12 full sessions along with numerous mini-sessions, he published Amazing Grace in 2004 (Spanish version ‘Iboga, Un Viaje del Alma’ with a foreword by Howard Lotsof) outlining his early life and his attempts to heal it coupled with his experience and personal understandings of the healing powers of iboga. He continued to use iboga zealously. However in 2012 a series of traumatic events occurred which lasted for 2 years which left him in a state of emotional paralysis.

Believing that he had the tools to heal himself he tried unsuccessfully to resolve his emotional crisis using various substances including the use of MDMA and iboga together which he had used previously. However lack of success and desperation led him in 2012 to turn for the first time to ayahuasca. Like iboga before he discovered in ayahuasca an unimagined powerful tool for healing – this time of emotional trauma. He began to appreciate more the complementary nature of iboga and ayahuasca and  began a journey that allowed him to relive on an experiential level his childhood traumas bringing greater insight and resolution. He has been working intensively with ayahuasca since July 2012. It was through his recent traumas that he gained access to his past.

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