Jamie McAlpin

Jamie McAlpin, R.N

Jamie McAlpin graduated with honors in 2000 with a BSN in Nursing from East Carolina University, in North Carolina.  Jamie has always been an adrenaline junkie, and she fell in love with all things cardiac.  Her specialties included Cardiovascular Intensive Care, Cardiothoracic/Open Heart Intensive Care, Medical/Surgical Intensive Care, Code Blue Team, Cardiac Catheterization Lab, and Electrophysiology Lab (adult and pediatric).

In 2009 she left hospital nursing when she gave birth to her daughter, Stella Blue, and her family moved to Nosara, Costa Rica.  In early 2014 she was approached by a local yoga spa/retreat center who needed a medical consultant for their iboga retreat program.  She quickly became fascinated with iboga research and what she observed during the iboga retreats.  She has spent the last year researching all the medical literature she could find on iboga, to develop the retreat center’s screening protocol, safety training, and emergency protocols.

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