Giovanni Latanzi

Giovanni Lattanzi

Between 2006 and 2009 Giovanni was initiated into and studied the administration of kambo by Brazilian curanderos, notably Cesar Carvalho. Since then he has pioneered a therapy modality of working with both high and low dose iboga, as well as kambo applied to acupuncture meridians throughout the body.

His background lies in an eclectic mix of various traditions that focus on mind-body centeredness. In 1989 Giovanni graduated cum laude at the University “la Sapienza” in Rome with a specialization in Jungian Psychology and Eastern Religions, having studied under Vipassana teacher professor Corrado Pensa.

He spent 8 years of intensive practice in Kendo, a Japanese martial art, in Italy and Japan under the guidance of Endo Sensei and Hirano Sensei. He has lived as a painter and performance poet, exhibiting throughout Europe; studied Zen Meditation regularly for 11 years at the Plum Village of Thich Nath Hanh; and has been recognized as a fardado in the Dutch Santo Daime church.

Healing Art:

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