Keith Dowman

Keith Dowman

Dzogchen: the Marriage of Heaven and Hell

Pointing Out and Carrying On Instruction

Dates: March 18-20th, 2016

Times: 9am to 5pm (break from 12:30 to 1:30 pm)

Location: Centro Werika

Meals: Some meals provided

Languages: English only

Registration: TBD


Dzogchen is the Tibetan version of the pathless path, the non-dual path of reality. This radical Dzogchen is a stripped-down Dzogchen, strictly according to the lineal transmission but side-lining Tibetan culture. Dzogchen is the yoga of the now that opens us to the deep heart’s core.

This weekend introductory is an existential, experiential, pointing out of Dzogchen of its view, non-meditation and conduct. Words point at the experience, so we will devote much of the weekend to the vital crucial mode of Dzogchen non-meditation supported by ritual and purification exercises. This seminal retreat should be retaken again and again by all those who have intimation of the Great Perfection.

Full awareness in the moment is realization of Dzogchen. Initially, the imperative is to identify and experience the nature of mind and that is the meditation and is done through the traditional pointing out instruction that constitutes the view. The view and the meditation comprise the introduction to this pathless path of Dzogchen.

With special regard to participants of the GITA conference topics issues such as the marriage of heaven and hell; the validity of psychotropics and entheogens on the pathless path; the inadequacy of therapy and yoga/meditation; the relationship between shamanism and dzogchen; the limitations of the psychiatric-cum-therapeutic approach; the incontestable choice of non-duality over materialism; and the natural proclivity for the existential over the conventional.


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